Finding purpose outside of work

Many Black American professionals find themselves struck between providing for themselves, their children, their families and quietly being unfulfilled and ignored at work. #MommyFab

The principles of Kwanzaa

A lot of us try and live up to what we want to be versus what we are in our everyday life. This includes me, as I yearn to be a better person, daily. Sometimes hourly. Self-actualization is high on my list of personal goals. 2020 has brought about some serious alone time to reflect … Continue reading The principles of Kwanzaa

No one wants to talk about middle aged Black Women and loneliness

I hope in the coming months as we go into the holidays, there are more conversations about loneliness and how Black women navigate said loneliness. It is imperative to the mental and emotional health of middle aged Black Women to explore this topic and perhaps create solutions to navigate this part of their journey with healthy results.