Life & Nothing More (Film Review)

And the most powerful thread of this film was the bond between the Mother and her son, for she loved him as best as she knew how - as best as she could and that was a beautiful thing because Black American boys deserve love, they deserve grace and they deserve kindness. #MommyFab #EfabulousHB #LifeAndNothingMore

Hale County This Morning, This Evening (Film Review)

If you want to share a film about Black American rural life, strife, dreams, dwindling humanity... this is the movie. It's unapologetically raw and in your face. It makes you uncomfortable with any privilege you may have. It makes you hyper aware that Black Americans have not come that far. ~ #MommyFab #EfabulousHB

The Failure Letter…

This photo is actual footage of me being in love and understood. I figure it will only come when I'm on my death bed and I will be hallucinating through the flash of f***boi(s) I've encountered in my whimsical life. Bwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Today as I was feeling melancholy about my station in life. I've scrolled through … Continue reading The Failure Letter…

Thankful. Yep that’s me!


I wrote this as a feature in 2015. My life has changed since then. I have tried to love again and loss big time. My Future CEO is thriving. My first dog, Jessie is over the Rainbow Bridge. I am now on meds for my Sarcoidosis and a good biscuit dipped in honey from 200lbs. Life has changed so much, but I am still thankful.

Houston African-American Blogger Association

EFAbulousHBWhy I am thankful? Seriously? Why? About 7 years ago I used to go to sleep and ask God to take me in my sleep. I was so depressed, I could not go on. Even after my gorgeous procreate was here on earth. I was deeply depressed. My marriage was failing. My health was failing. My vision of who I was and who I was supposed to be…. yep, failing.

It got to the point, I had asked God to take me and my child in our sleep so we can get together in heaven with my parents. The end. …Well, that wasn’t the end.

That failed marriage had to play out in divorce court. I had to stop praying for death and pray for strength. I had to learn to be whole “all by myself”. I would take on a rebound that would push me to the brink of…

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