America is the racist “New World” we thought it to be, nobody is surprised.

I am a Black American who is the descendant of American Chattel Slaves. Let’s start there.

I think the one thing I decided before I closed my eyes last night was that this country is what I thought it to be. It is what it was when my parents fled the South. It is what it was when my Granddaddies on either side were sharecropping. Neither party cares about our humanity enough to change system racism, implement reparations, or provide solutions that lead to real equity for Black Americans. I’m not going to be stressing about this any longer. I lived on the other side of the Atlantic. The “Old World” is by far worse than the “New World”. So you can run to Europe, but it’s a con. Racism will be just as heavy if not heavier and you will be a long way from home and people who actually value your humanity. People want to run away and that’s cool, I know the feeling. … but you have to have a lot of money to escape Blackness — and the fact is that you will never escape it. Someone is always ready to belittle, marginalize and discount you just because of the color of your skin or your Black American lineage. Anti-Blackness and Anti-Black American sentiment is GLOBAL.

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution | Documentary about Black  Panther Party | Independent Lens | PBS
Women of the Black Panther Party

I love who I am. I love my Blackness. This is my country. Let me repeat this to you: AMERICA IS MY COUNTRY. AMERICA IS THE COUNTRY OF BLACK AMERICANS. NO AMOUNT OF SYSTEMIC RACISM YOU IMPLEMENT TO DESTROY OUR HUMANITY WILL TAKE AWAY THAT FACT. My Granddaddies and Uncles fought in all the wars. My people’s blood is in the soil. I’m unapologetically Black AF. Unashamed. Unbossed. Unbothered. Life is too short to let America and it’s commitment to racism stress me the f*** out and put me in an early grave.

Black American people who are descendants of American Chattel Slaves and our real (not performative) allies, I love you truly. Please take care of yourselves. May God keep, Blessed and cover us as we move forward living in this racist “New World”.