My Dad told me that "A PICTURE IS WORTH A 1,000 WORDS". I'm a word person. Words matter. Words cut. Words heal. Words hurts. Words without action though are meaningless fodder for life. I don't take pretty pictures. I take pictures of things that excite me, that interest me, that please me, that upset me, … Continue reading ONE THOUSAND WORDS!


My freshman year of university my Mom called me everyday. Even…

If you have a mother who loves you, champions you, is proud of you, encourages you… Please honor her today. We all need that beautiful mother filled with moxie that tells us, DON’T QUIT!!! #MommyFab #EfabulousHB #FabWorld

#MommyFab [project]

My freshman year of university my Mom called me everyday. Even after I confessed I had been hoarding cheese and crackers in my dorm room with my meal points. She told me to stop and the apocalypse was not going to be any more pleasant with cheese and crackers.

My sophmore year of university my Mom called me everyday. Everyone knew her voice cause my voice machine was loud as f***. I would get off the elevator and they’d say hurry up and call your mom back, she sounded sad. Call her back.

Everyday of my junior year at university my Mom called me. One day I called her and I was crying. I told her I had got a C in one of my major classes. I told her this was hard. I wasn’t going to succeed in accounting. I told her I wasn’t smart enough. My voice was…

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