A realistic Reparations plan for Black Americans

Disclaimer: Originally, I wrote this on “The Book”. I believe this to be a realistic reparations plan for Black Americans who are descendants of American Chattel Slaves – ONLY.

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It is my assertion based on the data that I’ve reviewed and my empirical experience that we will never be able to STOP the racial wealth gap because America’s foundation is built around oppressing and economically lynching Black Americans (who are descendants of American Chattel Slaves) into a bottom caste.

It is my assertion that we can CLOSE the racial wealth gap by implementing a MULTIGENRATIONAL REPARATIONS PROGRAM that could possibly have the following components:

1. Cash payment to descendants of American Chattel Slaves ONLY and said payment will TAX EXEMPT. Any annuities set up with cash reparations should be TAX EXEMPT.

2. Protected Class Status similar to some Native Americans, but with ours robustly based in lineage and history.

3. Housing Credits and Stipends to reverse the multigenerational effects of redlining, including a revaluation of Black American owned property and remuneration of higher taxes paid as “black tax” in major metros like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc.

4. Federal and Corporate jobs guarantee for our Protected Class to reverse and atone for centuries of employment discrimination.

5. Substantial subsidies to rebuild schools in Black American neighborhoods and free college tuition to any state school or any private school that benefitted from the sale of American Chattel Slaves. Again, to atone for a century of educational discrimination and withholding the right to read and write during slavery.

6. Free healthcare for our protected class, including substantial mental healthcare subsidies so that we can collective heal from the trauma we all endure from existing and trying to thrive in this apartheid. Additionally, separate program created as a “middle school to medical school” pipeline to create more Black American doctors in the future so as to mitigate and severely reduce the medical mistreatment Black Americans receive from whites and nonBlack American medical professionals.

7. Federal and state subsidy guarantee to Black American farmers to atone for the theft, harm, physical and fiscal terrorism endured.

Other things that should be implemented alongside a robust reparation program:

A. Disaggregation in statistical reporting for our protected class, so that we can track federal, state and local funds that are being allocated to Black American communities. We need good data on our community / ethnicity – alone.

B. Revamp the NAACP to be an organization that is actually focused on addressing real inequality and apartheid for Black Americans who are descendants of American Chattel Slaves.

C. Larger fines and revocation of medical licenses for any medical professions whose malaise, racism, or mistreatment results in a Black American mother dying pre / during / post birth if that death could have been avoided with better due care. If it is grotesque negligence, jail time.

D. Laws / policy that when a police shoots an unarm Black American due to ineffective, racist, over aggressive policing that said officer’s pension, any / all property in the contiguous 48 states and off shore holdings are turned over to the family for immediate restitution. That officer is barred from every being a law enforcement officer or working of a law enforcement office again. They are also serve a minimum of five years in prison with no parole until after 5 years for the murder.

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