#JackHoneyABL + #MommyFab … fabulous!

Disclaimer >> let’s get this out of the way now. For the November 9, 2018 #JackHoneyABL event, I was an invited influencer and allowed to view the artwork as media rather than a regular patron. Yes, their vernissage was on point! Whilst I did participate in this event as #media, the opinions expressed in this blog post are mine and mine alone. Please do read on, love. Thank you.  Additionally, all the photo(s) that are being shown in this blog post will be via the talented Kat Goduco (of Kat Goduco Photography >> check her out at http://www.katgoduco.com/) and myself. There will be a mix of the two.

Welp, know that I had fun. Let’s start off with that. I attended the Arts, Beats & Lyrics event on November 09, 2018. Specifically, I was invited to their vernissage for Houston Influencers and Media. That in itself was very cool. I’m not a fan of big crowds anymore – unless I’m just sauntering down the streets of New York. LOL! It felt good and “un-rushed” to visually absorb the artwork without the buzz of the crowd. I was amongst associates and friends, which allowed me to listen to the curator, get clarity on the back story of the pieces of art and have meaningful dialogues with the media group. That to me is the best way to enjoy art. View, make mental notes and then quietly discuss the impact. 

There is a unique feeling when you open yourself up to art that challenges “tradition”. The eyes process everything. They absorb. They assess. They judge. Walking through the #JackHoneyABL event was truly, truly an intoxicating feast for my big brown eyes. Images that had skin like mine. Images that gave the audience permission to favorably admire Black American culture, skin, bodies, themes, music and fashion. 

The curator – Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright – was a god of sorts. I became thoroughly intrigued with how he selected every piece for the event. I believe his entire body alone is an “opus to Black Art”. Listening to him and all the back stories to the pieces was like being taken on an adventure.  It made each piece come alive. I could have listened to him all evening in fact. I do hope they create a digital exhibit with him  narrating each piece or turn it into a VR experience. It would be worth every penny! 

This world is but a canvas to our imagination. 

~~ Henry David Thoreau

Art is supposed to move you. This is my belief and this is what I felt whilst sauntering around #ArtsBeatsAndLyrics. There is an esoteric value that comes with Black American art and Black art from around the globe. That feeling of connection has no monetary value. It’s assessed by my soul. I’m not talking about being beguiled by the same old traditional water colours. I’m talking about being completely floored that an image was done in color pencil in such a superlative fashion that the art on the canvas comes alive. The one thing I appreciated about all the art through this event is that it pulled you away from the “doldrums” of traditional art as heraled by supremacy and patriarchy. The art had dimensions, depth, illumination and inspiration. For me being able to experience this tour and throw away the conceptional boundaries that are taught to us in studio art by the examples of Van Gogh, Picasso or Da Vinci was  refreshing. The artwork seemed to pay tribute to the talents of Warhol and Basquiat – which I will always enjoy in perpetuity. If there is anything that this tour got right and raise the bar for — it’s the art. And I’m so glad they are making art accessible to Black Americans and other Americans of color to enjoy in a safe space without any shame or appropriation to the culture. The art was complex and there were so many “visual pieces of genius” I’d like to have in my home and admire for eternity – truly. 

I know you are saying to yourself… okay, okay we get it you love art. Jesus, Erica you are such a complex Black American hippy and 64oz full of quirk. … but did you drink Jack Daniels though?


Do fat men fart? Of course I drank some Jack Daniels. Lord, it’s like y’all don’t know me. Let me just say, the drinks with Jack Daniels Honey were SUPERB. I used to be a straight-up “Jack & Coke” girl in my 20’s. In my late, late 30’s, a bit a Jack on the rocks whilst lamenting over my failed dreams to marry well and my impending divorce. … and now in my 40’s making sure I protect my liver at all times – I now have a new relationship with the #JackHoney. Look at God. Bwwwwwaaaaaaaaah. 

All in all, I really, really enjoyed the event and I cannot wait until it comes back to Houston. I’m going to save the date because this event is a “must do” for us 40-something GenXers who aren’t singing in the church choir on Fridays. Enjoy the rest of the highlights from my time at the #JackHoneyABL event. Ciao for now!

(C) Kat Goduco Photo

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