#JackHoneyABL + #MommyFab … fabulous!

There is an esoteric value that comes with Black American art and Black art from around the globe. That feeling of connection has no monetary value. It's assessed by my soul. #MommyFab #ArtsBeatsAndLyrics #JackHoneyABL #EfabulousHB #JackABLHOU

Art, Beats & Lyrics returned to Houston … and it was glorious. Here’s the highlights!

Disclaimer >> let's get this out of the way now. For the November 9, 2018 #JackHoneyABL event, I was an invited influencer and allowed to view the artwork as media rather than a regular patron. Whilst I did participate in this event as #media, the opinions expressed in this blog post are mine and mine … Continue reading Art, Beats & Lyrics returned to Houston … and it was glorious. Here’s the highlights!

Eating for a cause? I’m in. #MenWhoCook2018

My best advice to you is mark your calendars, set a Google reminder - place a mark on your sundial even; but do not  miss this event again.  #MenWhoCook2018 was all about food, folks and feeling festive while raising funds for Houston scholars with big goals and dreams.  #MommyFab #EfabulousHB

The #HoustonBlackHeritageFest: A full review

It is my sincerest hope that in coming years the Houston Black Heritage Festival will evolve and expand into an event that puts a large priority on the sense of Black American pride, knowledge sharing about Black American history and encouragement for a stronger community instead of just a couple of dance routines, songs, earrings for sale and a space of cultural befuddlement. #ILoveBeingBlackAmerican

Meet one of my #BlackCreative friends – Michelle Ngome

During grad school I was strategically networking for future opportunities. Over time people began to take notice and started me asking questions centered around networking. Eventually I took those questions and wrote my book Network, Navigate & Nurture and launched my podcast Networking With Michelle. - #MichelleNgome (Author & Influencer)