Sometimes slavery is not being shackled in chains…. But it’s being oppressed in the mind. All actions start in the mind first… They start with thought. Keep your mind #FREE from the oppression of the world. #MommyFab #EfabulousHB #FabWorld

Just as death was not the end of the story of Jesus; sadness, depression, hardship and strife is not the end of your story. He has risen so that we all may live an amazing life. The Resurrection is not only for the covenant to be completed; the Resurrection is so that we may live … Continue reading

Dishelved Dame Not In Distress but Dominated by Deep Thought. Or Amazing Awesome Mom Incapable of Adulting without More Tea. Either way… The morning struggle is hella real. Jesus be in this tea mug today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #MommyFab #EfabulousHB #FabWorld #HibiscusTeaDrinker #AdultingIsSoHardSometimes

My mother was the daughter of a Baptist minister. She talked in #parables all the damn time. It is quite confusing if you are not steeped in the Bible. I actually started reading the Bible in my teen years not because I was a Holy Roller… But because I was researching my mother’s mindset. Every … Continue reading