F*** your colorism!

At this time, I am going to try and explain why colorism is just as pervasive as racism. It is not a synonym for racism, but it is just as toxic to children of color - especially Black American children. Colorism is white sumpremacy in action!  col·or·ism ˈkələrˌizəm/ noun US noun: colorism; noun: colourism prejudice … Continue reading F*** your colorism!

Hair??? Again????

Hair??? Again???? Oh f*** off and leave Black American women alone. We are just as beautiful as any other ethnicity or race!!!!

Staten Island teen dies from asthma fleeing racist crew – NY Daily News

http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/staten-island-teen-dies-asthma-fleeing-racist-crew-article-1.2659272 Everyday. Everyday we are privy to the inhumane acts and murders of racists. These are Trump supporters. This is the type of macabre and insidious acts that will be thrust upon POC should that megalomaniac take office. They killed a boy. They murdered a boy. They are purveyors of hate. These are the same … Continue reading Staten Island teen dies from asthma fleeing racist crew – NY Daily News

Racism at AirBnB

The sheer ignorance is not only befuddling, it is scary. To act in such a way is not only inhumane, it is the behavior of a sociopath and a monster. I am so glad this young lady found out this person was an animal and disgusting racist human being now... Instead of moving into his … Continue reading Racism at AirBnB