RT @BestofPisces “Don’t be quick to judge a #Pisces because there is always more than what meets the eye.”

#GeniusProblems RT @PiscesAreUs: … #Pisces have so many ideas, they can be indecisive about which direction to take.

@iAmMySign: #Pisces parents should be proud that they are addicted to texting, sleeping and the Internet and not drugs. Shared via TweetCasterI am a Pisces. I am a parent. I am totally addicted to Samsung gadgets and social media. This is a good thing. #MommyFab #Efabulous1

@PiscesAreUs: #Pisces are sensitive, intuitive and sympathetic. If you need a hug, they give the best.”Shared via TweetCaster

Allow me to wear my feelings on my sleeves! I’m a #Pisces   we do that naturally. Early on in my life I realized that YOU HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER.  If you are smart, if you are really smart you will build a circle of people around you that #LOVE  , #ADORE   and … Continue reading