And then there’s Valentine’s Day

For some of us, the heavens have pissed on the very idea that we should find love and joy. We deserve so much love and joy, but for some of us there is only sadness. I think the horrible consequences of choosing the wrong mate, the wrong friends, the wrong path, and the wrong lovers … Continue reading And then there’s Valentine’s Day


I'm death scrolling in the early morn because I am not having morning sex. I'm middle aged and alone after multiple failed relationships. Yet i'm at peace and not being mistreated, so I guess being alone without emotional or physical calamity is indeed a f'ing flex. I think we should prepare people (Black American women … Continue reading Behavior

I am loved.

Simple: I am loved. I give love and it comes back to me. I consider myself abundantly Blessed. #MommyFab

Talk to the paper

Things just spilled onto the paper and then I tucked the papers away. Sometimes it is hard to do these days because after a day of adulting and parenting, I'm tired. So I sit with the sadness. #MommyFab