Sometimes things are beautiful.

Disclaimer: I'm happy. Get into it. For a long time in my life, multiple stretches of time, I didn't know what joy felt like. I faked happiness. Yet, there were these moments, fleeting moments, that I got to be free and joyful. Joy for me is tied directly into the ability to be unapologetically me. … Continue reading Sometimes things are beautiful.

I am loved.

Simple: I am loved. I give love and it comes back to me. I consider myself abundantly Blessed. #MommyFab

Coming full circle

If you come to my house, it feels like a home. And for the first time in my life, I am no longer running .... I'm happy here in this place, I made a home for me and my modern family.

The beauty of being inspired…

And that's what inspiration does to you, it ignites you even if you are knee deep in a dark existence. It sets you on fire and that fire causes you to create. Not saying you will be the next Toni Morrison, but it stirs something in your soul. #MommyFab