Eating for a cause? I’m in. #MenWhoCook2018

My best advice to you is mark your calendars, set a Google reminder - place a mark on your sundial even; but do not  miss this event again.  #MenWhoCook2018 was all about food, folks and feeling festive while raising funds for Houston scholars with big goals and dreams.  #MommyFab #EfabulousHB

The #HoustonBlackHeritageFest: A full review

It is my sincerest hope that in coming years the Houston Black Heritage Festival will evolve and expand into an event that puts a large priority on the sense of Black American pride, knowledge sharing about Black American history and encouragement for a stronger community instead of just a couple of dance routines, songs, earrings for sale and a space of cultural befuddlement. #ILoveBeingBlackAmerican

Meet one of my #BlackCreative friends – Michelle Ngome

During grad school I was strategically networking for future opportunities. Over time people began to take notice and started me asking questions centered around networking. Eventually I took those questions and wrote my book Network, Navigate & Nurture and launched my podcast Networking With Michelle. - #MichelleNgome (Author & Influencer)