My Dad is synonymous with #encouragement for me!

This may seem like an homage to my Dad. It is. Today is NATIONAL ENCOURAGEMENT DAY. My Dad was the first person in my life who believed in me. I look back and realized that he tried to sew into me at such an early age that I was mature beyond my years and I … Continue reading My Dad is synonymous with #encouragement for me!



My Dad told me that "A PICTURE IS WORTH A 1,000 WORDS". I'm a word person. Words matter. Words cut. Words heal. Words hurts. Words without action though are meaningless fodder for life. I don't take pretty pictures. I take pictures of things that excite me, that interest me, that please me, that upset me, … Continue reading ONE THOUSAND WORDS!

When I give the Gettysburg address over a homework assignment, you know you are grounded. #MommyFab #EfabulousHB #FabWorld #HomeworkIsEssential