Today I say “Thank You”.  I’ve had a rough morning. It was a busy day, yet I felt that taking a moment to say “thank you” to life and the universe was mandatory.  This 21 day #GratitudeChallenge has really helped me learn or even observe that happiness and gratitude are catalyst for positive action. You … Continue reading

Things divorced mothers say while trying to honestly co-parent with ex-spouse…“Let me get this straight; You can be fly and go see Dave Chapelle, but you cannot make sure you attend the Father / Daughter dance."  #ChallengesToCoParenting   #MommyFab   #Efabulous1

Wow. I am so intrigued by this. If could avoid the really mean lady at the #Starbucks off 610 & Yale… My life would be complete. #MommyFab #Efabulous1The Verge: An app for before you get caffeinated.

They are learning analogies. These were my favorite growing up. Yaaaaaaaaaaaas. I love our school and I love our teacher. Learning rocks. #MommyFab #Efabulous1

My co-worker brought me banana pudding. MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE. Release the doves! Release the doves, I say! #MommyFab #Efabulous1

I haven’t looked at my #GratitudeChallenge sheet this morning. I usually read over it at my desk. I literally woke up and when I opened my eyes, I laid there and in my head I said “Thank you God for waking me up this morning. Thank you God for keeping my daughter, my dogs and … Continue reading