I woke up so disorientated today. I felt as though someone took my bones and disconnected them from my frame. Bewildered and broken is what I felt when I woke up from my nap. The BBC news was on and I was mesmorized at what was going on in Sydney, Australia. Seeing the hostages run … Continue reading

#MommyFab WINBrewed lemon, lime, ginger, apples and cinnamon. Added a bit of honey and brown sugar. Turned them into popsicles for her to consume to 1) bring down her temp and 2) she loves lemons and lime so I brought a huge smile to her face. I feel like I’m doin something right! #MommyFab#Efabulous1

We must be able to help your children increase, manage and adjust their emotional intelligence. We are trying to raise well adjusted adults not giant kids. Emotional Intelligence is something American society needs to assess, revisit and champion as a whole. The world deserves more kind and amicable people. #MommyFab #Efabulous1ColorsKit: Children’s #emotions  are as … Continue reading

As a person living with #Sarcoidosis… the only thing you can do is move forward. One day at a time. #MommyFab #Efabulous1Nubian Davis: Keep moving forward always…

In the words of +Luvvie A​ … with this “I AM UNABLE TO CAN”. Dre on a dreidel. I’m done. #MommyFab #Efabulous1Mashable: Perfect pun is perfect.

As a mother of a future woman of color, I am worried about her well being every minute of the day. I worry those that supposed to educate her are also perpetuating an agenda that will damage her. #MommyFab #Efabulous1

Please believe that I am absolutely knackered. Yet, I am grateful for life. I am grateful to live. #MommyFab #Efabulous1

#FabGirls chronicles… We have it a 102 degrees. I woke up like a medic in Vietnam and sprang into action. Alcohol rub down.. Mucinex with Acetaminophen. Taking temperature every 45 mins. Praying incessantly in my head. I am in what I call the 3rd shift before morning. Fever spikes for no apparent reason. I panic … Continue reading