Financial Literacy and the like….

Teaching financial literacy in the Black American community without a history lesson on Black economics and lessons on how systemic racism thwarted our wealth building capabilities is moot. In order to empower your children and yourself, you have to learn and teach it all in tandem. #MommyFab

When will we stop denying that the educational system in #America is designed for children of color to fail and a considerable amount of Americans of European descent who care not of country but of class and perpetuate #racism, want to keep it that way. It saddens me sometimes that my beautiful child of color … Continue reading

Since I was 12, I have watched the slow decay in American Society. It saddened me, because as a woman of color, I couldn’t make it unless I was exceedingly smart. Yet if the dumbing down of America was the end goal, then that marginalize my effort to remain an intellectual amongst fools. #MommyFab #Efabulous1 … Continue reading