Toyota Prius Two Eco [The @DJEFabulous Commuter Playlist]

Disclaimer:  Please note that from 12/1/2016 through 12/8/2016 I have been given the wonderful opportunity to test drive a Toyota Prius Two Eco.  I am not receiving monetary remuneration for this opportunity, however I am getting full-on access to evaluate the vehicle in its entirety.  I know... You didn't even know I used to be … Continue reading Toyota Prius Two Eco [The @DJEFabulous Commuter Playlist]

The music industry has changed and no one is below the radar. Proceed with caution. #MommyFab #Efabulous1 #DJEfabulous▼ Reshared Post From The Verge ▼Even YouTube’s stars can’t use songs without permission