Life comes at you fast….

I'm drinking my second glass of Malbec wondering where I went wrong. I'm also happily listening to some dope lo-fi music that I want to Shazam. ...but I won't because I am in my feelings and typing this on my Nord N10. Lol. So I am just here at the bar, with a water chaser … Continue reading Life comes at you fast….

Black Women are HUMAN. Bar None.

Black women are human. We are allowed to make mistakes. We are deserving of Grace. You should not have to be perfect or the supremacist idea of "respectable" to deserve Grace and Mercy.

The matter…

Then peak adulthood is learning to be happy with your lot in life and be well chuffed with who you actually are. #MommyFab

No one wants to talk about middle aged Black Women and loneliness

I hope in the coming months as we go into the holidays, there are more conversations about loneliness and how Black women navigate said loneliness. It is imperative to the mental and emotional health of middle aged Black Women to explore this topic and perhaps create solutions to navigate this part of their journey with healthy results.