And it’s more of the same

And moreso will I only be seen through my words and it be the only escape from the invisibility I have always felt deep in my heart as a Black American woman.

Black Women are HUMAN. Bar None.

Black women are human. We are allowed to make mistakes. We are deserving of Grace. You should not have to be perfect or the supremacist idea of "respectable" to deserve Grace and Mercy.

I struggle

The destination matters not so much because now I just want to experience love, triumph, adoration, satisfaction, and self -affirmation while I am on the way. #MommyFab #EfabulousHB

Brainy moments and bubbles to boot

Listen Linda, I have been overthinking my entire existence since I was 7. I am 40 years into the game. I ain't new to this, I'm true to it. Lol! Christmas holiday is a time of reflection for me. This holiday season I have been overthinking myself into long naps, smiles, and tears. I cannot … Continue reading Brainy moments and bubbles to boot

The beauty of being inspired…

And that's what inspiration does to you, it ignites you even if you are knee deep in a dark existence. It sets you on fire and that fire causes you to create. Not saying you will be the next Toni Morrison, but it stirs something in your soul. #MommyFab