Life as a slice of pie

You know what?

You get to enjoy the holidays. You deserve more than a few days off for surviving the year. The rat race ages you immensely when you are not allowed to rest. It weathers you from the inside out, especially when you have no outlet of joy. It pummels you senseless if you have no support system.


Do not ever feel guilty about resting. To Black Americans who are in survival mode so that the next generation can be in thrive mode. Rest. Restore. Restoration. Your call of duty to navigate life amidst the perpetual Jim crow is harrowing in itself and it you are trying to educate and protect your child, it’s crushing at times.


Take a moment to enjoy your life “as-is” in the moment, unfiltered joy to warm your soul. And while you’re in that space. Have a slice of pie. You deserve it.