The need for rest

The world is so tiring. It’s exceedingly heavy sometimes when you have to do the journey alone. You do it with the weight of the world on your back and the only comfort in the end is the ability to sleep and dream.

Sometimes I come home from work and I am completely exhausted. Sarcoidosis, stress, loneliness, fatigue, brain fog, and there is little comfort because I have something else I need to do. More and more, I am listening to my body. Sometimes, things can wait. Stress can take a hike. Loneliness will just have to live beside me. Fatigue will win the day. Brain fog will take over. And I just sit down, alone on my bed. I cry. I try to remember what life was like before Sarcoidosis, before the fatigue, before feeling exiled in my own body. And then ironically I rest.

Even just for a little bit.

I rest.