Go make a difference

A few months ago, I did something incredible. I got to be a patient advocate speaking to the FDA about my experience with Sarcoidosis. My “why” for participating was making the journey for Black Americans with Sarcoidosis easier. Making sure that Black Americans have more representation in clinical trials.Tonight, I was part of a review webinar to talk about how to approach the FDA for advocacy. And there were FDA partners on the call.

I am still floored that the universe has given me the opportunity to make a real difference when it comes to Sarcoidosis.

All my life, I wanted to do something great. I’ve worked the big jobs. I have had the big titles. I have done all the big things. Yet for me, my greatness lies not with leveraging power in roles rooted in systems. My greatness is cemented in my fervor to help, love, and be kind to others. If I can use my humanity as a beacon to make living with a rare disease easier, then that to me is the rent I pay to roam this planet.
I “tag” you. If you have the capacity, go out there and make a difference. Go grab your greatness.

Sarcoidosis Warrior
11 years and counting

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