The unstoppable beacon of joy

The heart. The heart is a beacon of joy. When you feel joy. Unabridged, unadulterated joy, it fortifies and electrifies your heart in such an amazing way.

In this era of COVID, finding joy has become mandatory for my survival. Finding those little pockets of joy keeps me sane, keeps me connected, but more so keeps me whole. Being able to have those deep belly laughs, laughing until you cry, moments of silence and peace that release you from the “beast of burden” which haunts you from the past. Joy. Unapologetic joy.

And what of my heart? Oh it beats. It flutters with excitement. Sometimes it swells and the tears that leak from my eyes are tears of grace, humbleness, and joy. My heart is getting a full body workout everytime it is awaken by love-filled visit with friends, long chats with my family, a hug from a loved one, or a long and tender kiss from a lover.

The beacon …. It beats.

And as we close out the year, reflecting on how we have survived or evaded COVID, I am reminded that we need joy. We need optimism and hope.

I wish us all more joy than our hearts can handle. We deserve kindness, love, understanding, care, and the occasional nirvana.