Self affirmation is continuous.

I often find the most poignant and beautiful moments when I am engaging someone in dialogue or observing them from afar. Something they said or they have done seems to ring a subconscious bell in me. I am moved. It symbolizes a call to action for me to look inward and there I will find another key to unlock those doors where I have hidden myself away.

I consider the real meal split into horcruxes like Voldermort. I hid pieces of myself away because I have endured magnanimous hurt from childhood through to late in my adulthood. So instead of facing the pain, I just magically hide that piece of me away until I am ready to heal.

But self affirmation calls for those pieces of me to be front and center and for me to challenge myself to see myself. Self affirmation challenges me to be a better version of who I am now and commit to the work.

It is a continuous cycle.

And honestly, I expect it to be neverending