Sometimes things are beautiful.

Disclaimer: I’m happy. Get into it.

For a long time in my life, multiple stretches of time, I didn’t know what joy felt like. I faked happiness.

Yet, there were these moments, fleeting moments, that I got to be free and joyful. Joy for me is tied directly into the ability to be unapologetically me. I have a lot of kindness, peace, and love in my life. I also am now keenly aware of when I experience joy.

For me it is not total elation, it is not a fiery pop anymore like in my 20’s. Now for me, it’s when all my senses form Voltron and I am in a space where I am safe to be me. Joy comes when I am in a safe space to be vulnerable and still smile. There is so much joy and kindness in that space.

Where there is joy, there is beauty.

Joy allows you to see beauty in the metaphysical form. It allows your heart to expand and take in a good, tactile memory, without any expectations. Joy allows us to admire, enjoy, even exalt in our own spaces while being able to set free the very thing that brought us elation. There is a deep seeded beauty that lives in that void of joy and peace.

Sometimes things are beautiful and we don’t realized it until it is revealed by our inner joy.

Love yourself enough to let yourself be joyful. Love yourself enough to embrace the beauty of the moment. You deserve it.