Black Women are HUMAN. Bar None.

Disclaimer: I’m unapologetically Black American and very proud of who I am. There is no anti-Blackness in this space.


It’s really funny to me how Black American women have to be “strong”, we have to be “excellent”, we have to be “magic”, we have to be 10x better than their nonBlack American counterpart to get 1/4th of the accolades… but when a Black woman makes a mistakes the entire world robs her of Grace, empathy, and understanding. They vilify us as though we don’t have the right to make a mistake, thus dehumanizing us. The world will kick a Black woman when she is down.

You love us when we are doing the “heavy lifting”, but by God we better not ____ up or there will be hell to pay.
I don’t ask for much, but damnit show a Black woman some gotdamn Grace. It may not be me, but damnit show it to some other Black woman when the moment calls for it.

We are human beings.
Black Women are human beings.
We are human.
Black Women are human.

And don’t get on Bessie Smith’s internet and stay something different like I have never felt the scorn and absolute degradation that Black women have to endure. I’ve had to rebuild myself too many times when people tried to strip me of the right to enjoy my own humanity. I’ve been a dark skinned, unapologetic, loud, authentic Black American girl / women since 1973. I have lived it.

Black women are human. We are allowed to make mistakes. We are deserving of Grace. You should not have to be perfect or the supremacist idea of “respectable” to deserve Grace and Mercy.