Malcolm X’s autobiography changed my life…

I read the autobiography of Malcolm X over the summer when I was 11. I was going to the 7th grade next year. I was exceedingly frustrated because I was trying to teach myself French, by myself. There was no language option at my school. I couldn’t go to the library by myself that summer. So I sat in the house reading books, and reading books, and reading books to try and refocus my anger at not being able to teach myself French. Lol.

This book changed my life, profoundly.

I read his entire autobiography cover to back. Something came over me or rather something unlocked in me. I felt unapologetically Black. His story made me realize without a doubt that I mattered. It didn’t matter what racists thought of me because their agenda is the antithesis to my humanity. All that mattered was that I speak out about injustices and that I focused on my own excellence. I came away knowing I deserved to enjoy my life and enjoy every minute I could celebrate my Blackness.

I became unapologetically Black and I also became a humanist. And the world is better for it.

Books are so important. The stories of your culture is so important. The stories of other cultures are important too. There are worlds, ideas, and adventures waiting to be unlocked just by turning a page.

I love books. 📚❤️

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