A sustainer…

I just jumped on Eartha Kitt’s internet to say that Hello Fresh is a really good service to use if you are recovering from surgery or you find yourself in the “valley” emotionally.

Many people don’t realize how much pressure and stress goes into meal planning for a family. “What are we going to eat” is a serious ass question, especially when you and your Future CEOs are hungry.

At the end of 2020, I had a huge DVT and then at the end of the first quarter, I had a hysterectomy. I was so fortunate that people brought me meals, bought me meals, and provided Hello Fresh for me. It’s been a real Blessing.

Also the recipes are fabulous. I’m keeping all of my recipe cards.

So if you find yourself in a bout of depression, recovering from a surgery, or you just need allocate brain cells to other priorities, then definitely pick up Hello Fresh for a month or two and take off the pressure of meal planning.

… and no I didn’t get paid for this post. Lol! I would have put a disclaimer at the top.