Good things….

Good things come to us and sometimes we aren’t ready. That sucks arse.

Being able to recognize a “good thing”, a good work situation, a good person, and a good friend is a skill set that most adults don’t have.

They live in the world of “hindsight”.

Now there are other times when we know something is good for us, but we are living in fear. We cannot mobilize. We are scared to take risks. The fear of failure is so much larger than the feeling of hope that it will all work out.

So we accept failure in our hearts and we let go of a “good thing”.

Sometimes, a good thing is laid bare in front of us. Yet because of “timing” and lack of fervor, we reject it. We procrastinate. We find every reason in the world to let the opportunity pass. We are in fact ready in all aspects of our being, but we feel too comfortable in our current situation.

Here’s the thing that catches up with us: LIFE IS VERY SHORT. Tomorrow is not promised. Nothing is guaranteed.

So if you know it is a good job, apply for it. See what happens next. If you know they are a good person, make room for them in some capacity. They may turn out to be a Blessing in your life. If you know it’s a good move abroad or even to another state where you can have a better quality of life, go. Your real friends will keep in touch in some form or fashion.

Don’t miss out on the good things in live.

Life is so hard, we all deserve joy and happiness.




By the way, I love Canada Dry Bold. It brings me so much joy. I know that’s random. But maybe not, maybe it’s one of my good things.