A tale of two pictures

Disclaimer: Black Americans saw this coming a mile away and they told y’all they were planning to do something, but hey YOLO – seem like this was an inside job.

A coup. Collusion. Just the 6th day of the New Year.

Look at this picture. Bonkers, right? This is white America, tried and true. Violent, relentless, idiotically trying to negotiate with whiteness run amok. These f*cktards are trying to overturn an election at the behest of the orange idiot known as the 45th president of ‘Murica.

Now look at this image. This is what they require during a real civil rights protest by Black Americans who want the police to stop killing us for sport.

What do we notice?

They are ready to assault Black American / African American protesters with riot gear, tear gas, and brute force, but for their white racist brothers — they let them in the gates. They let the confederate snakes and racist, vile monsters, sully the Capitol.

If you had no idea that America was a racist country, please get a clue. Get it today. January 6, 2021 told you everything you need to know.