Let’s pretend.

Let’s pretend or imagine that we have survived the pandemic. What are you going to do next? Who do you want to see? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to touch you? And how do you want your soul to be touched?


I want to be well. I want some semblance of good health. Trying to get back to decent health is like being in a real life, Raiders of the Lost Ark video game. Yet, that’s what I want. That’s what I need. I need to be healthy and live longer so I can be here for my Heir Apparent. I so want to live long enough to meet my grandkids.

So the thing I would do next or do after the pandemic is reprioritize my life and start eliminating my stressors like a highlander with a swing blade. I’d replace it with joyous, humble moments that sustain my smile and the warmth in my heart.

If it was at all possible, if like to go spend 3 days at a beach house on the water in Galveston or somehow make my way to Mo’orea for 3 nights. When the pandemic is over, I need to get away. Whether it is with my kid and dogs or it is a quiet rendezvous with a lover, I just need to be somewhere in ear shot of crushing waves. I want nothing more to do but enjoy the silence and speak with just smiles.

I’d go on a hug tour after the pandemic. I definitely want to fly home to Chicago and hug my family and my closest friends. I’d also appreciate a lingering hug from a lover, as well.

And my soul.

I would want my soul to stay unscathed and only embraced by people who love me. I want to come out that other side of this pandemic maintaining my superlative circle of friends who truly care.