I was supposed to write and create today….

I woke up with writing on my mind. I was going to write two blog posts and throw up some podcast episodes.

I was supposed to create new content today.

Instead, I worked feverishly, all day. I took a break to cook for the Future CEO’s lunch. I walked the dogs. I did a ton of digital volunteer work. I also lamented about my poor life choices. Lastly, I sat still with the weathering that Black Americans are used to… you know when you are tired and your tired is also tired.

I did all of that and now my brain is going “oh but you must write”. And I am going, no I am on Mom duty again, I have to get dinner, feed the dog, do laundry, get ready for tomorrow, also I am tired, I need to rest. I don’t even want to read a book.

I just want to be still.

In my heart I want to write and create. In my reality, I gotta do a lot of shit. I gotta do shit and keep this household running.

Oh lamentable day.

One thought on “I was supposed to write and create today….

  1. tisheadh says:

    I felt the weathering comment on a soul level. I empathize with you on the lamentable day. I feel that there have been far too many of those for us. I’m going to believe that our better days are coming.


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