I am so grateful…

2020 has been a beast. The pandemic. Facing the inequities of education when the children went online for school. Facing the inequities of the racial wealth gap by seeing so many Black Americans as essential / front line workers. Losing community members. Health challenges. Uncertainty.

2020 has been a beast.

On this holiday, I am still very grateful for God’s Mercy.

I will list out why I am grateful.

1. I woke up this morning. I got to spend another day, on this earth, with my child. My child who is my greatest love of my life.

2. I’m still employed and I have a roof over my family’s head, with utilities.

3. My health challenges are being managed as best as possible. I am still scared but I am muddling through. The specialists I have seen have treated me with dignity and been very humane. As a Black American, we live in an apartheid, I am always prayerful that I am not medically mistreated.

4. I still have a creative side. My imagination still works. I still have dreams and visions. I still long to draw, sketch, and paint. I still long to dance.

5. I still have music. Even though I don’t DJ anymore. Music still lights my soul.

6. There is peace on my house. There is love in my house. There is kindness in my house.

7. I am grateful for my friends and family who care and who stay on touch.

My Lord, I am grateful. My heart is filled and I am exceedingly thankful. Some days it is a pure struggle, but I know I am Blessed. Glory be to God and the universe.