The discussion of Reparations of either side of the Atlantic…

Late last night I was tagged on Facebook in a post of a GQ UK article that discussed Reparations. I am a huge proponent of reparations. I feel deeply about restitution being made to the descendants of American Chattel Slaves for the holocaust of Slavery, the domestic terror and brute violence endured during the Reconstruction Era, and the apartheid the American government and society set up to bottom caste Black Americans. This American Apartheid includes excluding us from the original New Deal, purposely defunding educational resources in Black schools, redlining / hyper housing segregation, employment discrimination, trying to keep us out of unions, police brutality, the Tuskegee experiment, medical malpractice due to implicit bias, and mass incarceration.

Please let me share the link to the article here:

Here is my modified response to the article:

I find it refreshing that reparations are being discussed, on both sides of the Atlantic. I see that GQ UK calculated what was owed to Jamaica, but I find that disingenuous because England raped and pillaged the entire globe. They colonized and enslaved so many, I am sure their debt owed is certainly in the quadrillions like the vile country of Portugal, which was also discussed in the article.

Having lived in the UK for a small time, I can only imagine their wealth gap between whites, aristocratic whites and the Afro-Caribbean / African community is larger than ours. They also have to work out the fact that Blacks voluntarily returned to England under the falsehood of jobs and when they got there they marginalized them into lower working class jobs.

Race in the UK is very similar to the US, but their class system is actually a bit more horrific. Upward mobility used to be damn near impossible. It is minimal for Blacks there and linked directly to education, proximity to whiteness, or access to elitist wealth be it aristocratic or elitist immigrants. Couple that with the cemented caste system and racism from Indians and Pakistanis, and just for Afro-Caribbeans alone (by my observations) they have a lot of bullshit to endure and shift through to get their real reparations. God Bless them and God speed.

In the Black American’s case for Reparations, I believe it is much more straight forward. When you exclude the Black immigrant population, the American descendants of Chattel Slaves are here and living under a government created apartheid, so restitution would be easier to disseminate.

The lowest estimate for reparations has been $12 Trillion dollars. That’s a seriously low ball figure, but let’s be conservative.

Our current US population is roughly 328.3 million people. 13% of that number is 42.6 million. That’s my estimate for the Black population. Then, trim off 6 million to eliminate Afro-Caribbeans, Afro Latinx, and African immigrants. I believe you are left with the Black American population who are descendants of American Chattel Slaves. These are the only people entitled to US Reparations. This leaves you with a Black American / ADOS population of 36.6 million.

If you divide $12 Trillion by 36.6 Million, you will have to disseminate $327,868 USD per Black American.

The current white / Black wealth gap is approximately $169, 290 USD.

The previously calculated reparations payment not only resolves the debt, it remunerates Black Americans for the apartheid and terrorism they have had to endure since the sabotage of the Reconstruction era.

Now, what someone does with their $327K is none of my business. I would suggest that since it is really an inheritance payment that stipulations could be put on said payments or it could be paid out like an annuity, due to the speculations that the American government and economy would take a negative aggressive stance if payments were made. I suspect they would use hyperinflation to shut us out of the economy so that we remain a fiscal bottom caste.

Now I also feel that cash payments shouldn’t be the end of restitution. Free tuition to institutions that participated in the slave trade. Free health care and mental health support should also be on the cards.

It’s an evolving and ongoing dialogue that needs to be had.

I am posing this question to my Black American (descendants of American Chattel Slave) audience ONLY: what are your thoughts on US Reparations?