You’re over 45 and divorced. Dating is going to be like a damn circus. Face it.

This still stands. It’s a circus out there. Be careful. Remember we are in a gotdamn pandemic. #MommyFab

#MommyFab [project]

This is a funny post. Some things I will write will be true. Some will be hyperbole. Fun facts: I’m divorced, over 45 years old and I’m Black American. So there’s layers to the foolishness that is about to ensue. And if you are triggered by profanity, please skip this post.

Here comes the clowns ooopsy I mean potential dating candidates ….

This is what the pool of candidates look like when you are an educated Black American woman over 45+, divorced and looking to have a reasonably intelligent level of engagement. You are choosing from a plethora of clowns. Now don’t get me wrong, there are are some good and great guys out there. You just have to sift through the pool of candidates like you would going to Ross to buy a good bra on a Wednesday when they’ve put out all the new merchandise and family of…

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