Please don’t use BIPOC to describe me. I am BLACK American.

This is a screenshot from the New York Times website. The NYT article can be found here:

It is inherently disrespectful to lump Black Americans, Native Americans and other people of color together.

I am Black American. I am the descendant of American Chattel Slaves. My parents picked cotton. My specific ethnic community has lived under apartheid in America since slavery. When you lump me into this acronym, you erase Black American history (in my opinion). You erase the debt that America owes Black Americans who descend from American Chattel Slaves. You erase the history of Black Americans being terrorized during the Failed Reconstruction Era. You erase the bombing of Tulsa and Greenwood. You erase the history and horror of the Tuskegee experiment. You erase the cruelty of the Mississippi Appendectomy. You erase the fact that it was Black American’s sacrifice and bravery that forced the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that open the door for the Immigration Act of 1965.

Why do I want to be lumped into this acronym when you have a long history where elites from certain countries on “the continent” sold opposing tribes into the Transatlantic Slave Trade???? (Article:

This nonsensical BIPOC erases the sacrifice and history of Black Americans. Period.

Did you know that Native Americans / Indigenous people enslaved Black Americans? Did you know that the five “civilized” tribe supported the confederacy? So why on earth would I want to be aligned with Native Americans who adopted slavery from racist white settlers??? (Article:

Many other people of color perpetuate anti-Black American sentiments. They contribute to employment discrimination, medical apartheid, educational mistreatment and social estrangement of Black Americans. So why would I want to align myself with such people? They don’t know my history, nor do they care about my history. Many have chosen to align with white supremacy.

Who aligns themselves based on the color of their skin? There are East Indians darker than I am yet I am seen as an American Untouchable in their eyes.

This BIPOC acronym is inherently disrespectful and it is socially lazy.

Take the time and refer to me as a Black American. That’s what I would I prefer, truly. Black American. Not African-American. Not People of Color. Not BIPOC.