SUBSTANCE supercedes symbolism.

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Okay, now let’s cut the shhhhh. Having the street named “Black Lives Matter” and the large painted mural is called SYMBOLISM. I like this type of loud in your face symbolism. I do. Please see my previous post where I typed “Come through”.

However, symbolism will never ever replace SUBSTANCE. Where are the substantive policies to help Black Americans in D.C.?

Chocolate City is being gentrified like many others cities. Gentrification is a form of socioeconomic violence. It is reverse “white flight”. It erases traditionally Black American spaces that were created out of the original “white flight”, redlining, and segregation. It puts Black Americans in social and fiscal danger because many white American and non Black POCs (people or color) gentrifiers weaponize the police against BLACK AMERICANS????

They just had a huge protest because the gentrifiers wanted to stop a corner store from playing “Go-Go” music. How the hell do you move into a Black American neighborhood in D.C. and want to silence Go-Go music? It’s where the style of music was invented. How do you move into a neighborhood the city has fiscally strangulated with lack of funding, educational apartheid, racism, and over policing and then basically say “f*** your culture”???? Eh? Who? How? Nope.

How do you move into D.C. and thumb your nose down at Howard University’s history?

Where are the policies reversing over 50 years of redlining? Where are the policies that put more funds into community restoration, schools, public health and libraries??? Where the **** is the money to help fund the revitalization of the Black American people of D.C.?

Symbolism is a picture of a cop hugging a Black American. It is contrived and meant to placate the current and valid unrest we feel.

Substance is creating a policy where municipal cops should live no more than 5 or 10 miles from the actual neighborhoods they police. I BET YOU WOULD HAVE A SUBSTANTIAL SHIFT IN HOW SOME OF THESE “BAD APPLES” POLICED IF THEY HAD TO LIVE AMONG THE PEOPLE. If they had to live in a neighborhood that was being purposely defunded. If they had to watch the kids grow up hungry, know their names, see their parents. I bet you it would put some type of humanity into community policing instead of it being infiltrated by gangs of racist killers who probably fantasize about being a modern day “slave patrol”.

Please cut the shhhhhh.

Did you know that over 70% of the new HIV cases in D.C. are Black? So where is the funding to educate young people about safe sex or maintaining a program where drug users don’t share needles to reduce the spread?

Did you know the they had a cost saving in their Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services? How did they have a cost savings for “Juve”? How did that come about? But the police budget remained the same, damn near.

Question everything!

Do not let America put a bandaid over systemic racism for another 50 years and we end up in this place of civil unrest and malaise again.

Do not let America keep handing out symbolism / token gestures.

Black Americans are AMERICANS and for centuries we have been mistreated. For over a century, our communities have been plundered by racial terrorism, social estrangement via redlining, unequal education apartheid, vile medical experiments like the Tuskegee experiment, forced sterilizations and the Mississippi Appendectomy, employment discrimination and excluding Black Veterans out of the New Deal.

No cute mural is going to fix that.

Just like Chauvin kept his knee on the neck of Floyd, that is symbolism for America keeping their knee on the neck of Black America.

We are tired and we want SUBSTANCE.
Listen, I believe in research and educating myself, so I am sharing a link to the DC FY2021 budget ( ) for you to read. Read the executive summary here:
To view their AIDS / HIV rates for yourself, please go here:
Substance. No more symbolism. Policies over cute pictures. Real change over performative allyship.

We are tired and we want SUBSTANTIVE CHANGE that is MULTIGENERATIONAL in our community.