I miss you Mom….

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131 / 365 / Mom . . . #Repost @efabuloushb ・・・ I was mega taller than my Momma. Personality wise I was nothing like my Momma, but we are alike in sooooooo many ways. I get my kindness from her. She was so sweet to my friends (that she liked) and I would be standing there like she is Genghis Khan, dont fall for the okie doke. Welp! I am who I am because she sacrificed for me and I am a damn good mother because she raised me. May she rest in peace. I miss her dearly. 💖💖💖💖💖 . . . . . It's a #throwbackthursday picture. I indulge in the #tbt because I have to remind myself that I was the "original" Black Girl Maverick in an era when respectability politics in Black culture and my Black community ruled the roost. I also look at these pictures to remind myself that my Black is beautiful, too. My chocolate skin, my always weird thick lush hair, deep brown eyes and Moorish nose… I look back at these pictures and smile, cause I'm just a little nerdy girl from 79th Street who set out to conquer her own humanity and evolved into a bad ass. Tried and true. 💖💖💖 . . #EfabulousHB #BlackWomanMagic #BlackAmerican #MommyFab #Over40Blogger #WisdomAt45 #ThingsIRemember #OldPictures #ChicagoGirl #BlackChicagoansAreBadass #BlackChicagoan #Blessed . . . #cherisheveryday365  #cherisheveryday365_May #project365  #photoadaychallenge  #photoaday2020 #photoaday #photoadayMay #MommyFab #EfabulousHB  #ChiTownGirl #middleagedwoman #over40andfabulous

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I miss you now, more than ever. In the wake of this pandemic, I realize how poor and vulnerable we were growing up. How many times did we go without food? How many times did you go without food to feed me? I kept telling my Future CEO if the pandemic came when I was 11, my Mother and I wouldn’t have made it. Not even with the support of her family, it would have been extremely hard for us to survive. And in tandem with those macabre thoughts, I marvel at my Mother’s survival skills. We survived. She made do with the best she had with what she was given. I am so proud of her. I wish I could have told her that whilst she was alive. However, I didn’t fully appreciate her resilience, moxie, empathy, and love until I became a Mother.

On this day, I salute all the resilient Black American Mothers who made something out of nothing. I salute those working class Mothers who sacrificed so that their children felt loved.