Dismantle systemic racism or wallow in pointless, ineffective social banter

There was a group originally called “Christians against Google” that changed their name to “Justice for xxxxx and xxxx McMichael”. I was horrified to see the group created. There was even a backup group created. Then an associate invited me to the group.

Jesus, why? Why the f*** did they invite me.

Posts started pouring into my feed, immediately. Honestly, it was like watching a shit show full racists, uneducated, and socially perverted.

There were approximately 5 types of people in the group:

1. Insidiously, vile, racist white Americans.

2. Upset, disappointed and angry Black Americans.

3. Possible uneducated Americans who have very low social and racial intellectual quotients.

4. White Supremacy sympathizers. All ethnicities. Rooted in Anti-Blackness.

5. Americans (mainly Black and white) who actually want to see the murderers brought to justice and address racial injustice in this horribly racist country. (These members are few and far between.)

So after seeing the idiotic, racist and ignorant posts, I decided to create a post with no commenting.


At this time, I am wondering if any of the interactions in this group are authentic and meaningful in having an educated discourse about the violent, senseless, racial terrorism that lead to the murder of Ahmaud Aubrey.

The McMichael(s) are insidious, racist, vile scourge of humanity. It would be my assumption that they come from a long line of racial terrorists. I cannot help but envision those sick, evil people who stood gleefully as Black American bodies swung from trees. Those same subhumans sending the imagery as postcards as they mocked, craved and caused a sea of deaths in the Black American community.

The McMichael(s) deserve the death penalty. Those who helped them and conspired to cover up this atrocity deserve to rot in jail.

Much of the discourse here seems to ignore America’s ongoing attempt to marginalize and strangulate the Black American community. From Failed Reconstruction, excluding Black American Veterans from the New Deal, redlining our communities, banking and loan discrimination, predatory lending, separate and unequal education, employment discrimination now that as prevalent as it was in the 60s and the 80s, and medical mistreatment due to implicit bias. Tuskegee experiment ring a few bells?

Every non-Black American community has profited off of Anti-Blackness and has garnered some type of privilege off of America’s caste system in which Black Americans are on the bottom. This includes “people of color” such as Indian Americans, Africans, Asians and white presenting or conservative Hispanics.

Black Americans are NOT “people of color”. POC is a catch all umbrella term for people who are not white. However, Black Americans are unique in the fact we are both the descendants of slaves and slave owners. This country was built off free labor under extreme and often violent bondage. Black American’s ancestors were raped ( men, women and their children ), beaten, abused, killed, families torn apart and sold off and this country has NEVER made us full citizens in the land we built.

Then after they emancipate us, they terrorized us through Jim Crow laws and now modern day lynchings via police brutality. How quickly we forget the 4 girls blown up on the church steps? Or are you even reminded how that evil POS human being murdered 9 Black church goers and the police took him to Burger King afterwards?

I feel like many people are missing the opportunity to have a dialogue that is rooted in FACTS and HISTORICAL DATA about systemic and institutional racism. The same racism that many nonBlack people uphold every day because of their benefits and privilege granted through Anti-Blackness.

I am going to list some reading options for those who are sincere about learning real American history and actually want to conceptualize how to dismantle these sickening systems of white supremacy, racial terrorism and injustice in the criminal system.

The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America: https://www.epi.org/publication/the-color-of-law-a-forgotten-history-of-how-our-government-segregated-america/

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In the Age of Colorblindness:

They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South:
(This books contains recorded instances of extreme cruelty. Please exercise self care afterwards if you choose to read this book.)

How the Irish became White:
(Spoiler alert Irish immigrants were NOT slaves, some were indentured servants. Please don’t spread the ignorant misinformation that Irish immigrants were enslaved or endured the dehumanizing cruelty that Black Americans experienced during the era of American Chattel Slavery.)

Abolishing Whiteness have never been more urgent (article):

The Lynching of Matthew Williams, 1931

Again, it is just my humble opinion that if you aren’t having a discourse rooted in historical fact and data, then there is really no authentic progress being made. You’re engaging in social banter that yields no solidarity or even a social education that challenges people to unpack their own Anti-Blackness or their contributions to systemic racism against Black Americans.


I doubt if anyone will actually read it. If I reach one person that will unpack their Anti-Blackness, then that’s a start. I will have paid rent for a place on the internet.