We are tired.

So, I’ve hit that wall.

I was already on the edge with so many Black Americans dying at the hands of COVID19. The stories of Black healthcare workers begging for tests and being turned away. Racial skew of COVID19 death. The ignorance and ineptitude of this clown ass, medicore, racist ass administration to safeguard Americans lives. The absolute sickening display of subhumans brandishing guns at various state capitols not being arrested for being the vile domestic terrorists that they are and sitting with the hypocrisy of knowing Black and Brown protesters are met with tear gas and brutality. … But then two POS dogs who walk upright hunted a man down and killed him for “jogging while Black” and have not faced any consequences.

I am done. The trauma of being a Black American in my own country, a country in which Black Americans built with slave labor, is too much.

Now I have to talk to my kid about yet another Black person being murdered. Yesterday, I revisited a hard talk about the murder of Sandra Bland because we saw her picture in the “Becoming” documentary.

That’s what Black American parents do. We have to raise our kids to be 10x better than their nonBlack counterparts to get 1/4 of what they have in resources in adulthood. We have to talk to them about murders, injustice, racial hatred …. All the while we have to infuse joy in their lives at the same time. We have to make sure they are in safe environments so they aren’t killed, raped or maimed for just being Black.

And then we have to listen to the media berate and marginalize Black Americans as if we are inferior at every turn.

I am done.
I simply have nothing left.
I don’t want to talk about no cumbaya shhhh.
I don’t want to envision hope.
I just want to live.
I want my kid to live.

We want to exist without being exposed to racial ignorance and hate.
I am tired of the shit.
Leave us the f*** alone.

Just leave Black Americans alone.

We are tired.