The unbearable likeness of the apocalypse….

Do you wake up in the wee hours of the night asking yourself – what the entire f*** is going on? Am I in a bad dream? Did we miss the call of the arrival of the 6 headed beast and the ride of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse?

Life as we know it has shifted. It didn’t ask us if we were okay with it. It just shifted in a way that has caught our attention. This pandemic has revealed how fragile our ecosystems tend to be, it has shown the horrific all-around apartheid between whites, Blacks, Hispanics and poor people in this country. Nothing is a “sure bet” anymore. Life is super duper fragile and we are all on edge.

We don’t know the whole truth and we worship those who seem to have some iota of authenticity. Some of us are burying our heads in the sand hoping to come out alive on the other side. A lot of us are nervous, uncertain, anxious, depressed, and down right mortified because we know deep down that we have to save our children and save ourselves. No one is going to extend us kindness because our humanity is not valued.

And it all seems so dire and so “end of world-sy” but you have to keep living in the midst of this pandemic. You have to keep finding joy like you did before. You cannot lay down and hope that your demise is fast and painless. YOU HAVE TO KEEP LIVING AND LEVERAGING YOUR CONNECTIONS TO YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM.

And if you don’t have a support system…. build one, digitally, now. You got time on your hands – we all do.

Reconnect with those who you love and create a foundation of trust, honesty and kindness so that you have someone in your life.

Someone to call … say…. if the world ends.