Embrace the weeds…

Yes, it’s another blog post related to the ever changing emotions surrounding this era of COVID-19 quarantine. This a WHOLE thing and I will be writing about it, at least twice a week. Read on… what else do you have to do??

Image courtesy of @JessicaWallace at Nappy.Co

Prior to today (like today today – Monday, March 30, 2020), my yard (both front and back) look like shyte. My super awesome lawn guy had not been available for the last couple of weekends. The weather was shyte and I had been self-quarantined, so I was not tending to the garden, either. My kid and I were praying that he nor his family were sick from COVID-19.

When my ex-husband, who is an arborist, came around to see the Future CEO a few days ago — I blurted out “… please excuse my yard, it looks horrible I know.” Then he replied with his thick British accent (that does make everything sound a bit more fancy…) — “… Embrace the weeds, it’s that time of year. There is little you can do about it right now so don’t worry about it.”

His words seem to ring through me. Like Anita Baker belting out a love song or Bjork screaming her emotions into neatly coiled melodies, those words resonated in me. I equated his “weeds” reference to the current times, this pandemic and not my actual jacked up yard. LOL!

I found solace in the moment because we are all in a precarious situation. We must be still, to stay safe. The truth of the matter is that we cannot do much about anything except stay at home, stay safe and don’t infect others. It is our time to quiet our minds, embrace our family or whatever living situation we have presently, cry, plan, and possibly pray.

Our normal lives are shifting. We need to adjust to a “new normal”. That means allowing ourselves to experience discomfort, grief, loss, and digging deep for hope.