Parenting at home during the COVID-19 self-quarantine

I am an immunocompromised American. I have Sarcoidosis. To be specific, I have Pulmonary Sarcoidosis and I have Sarcoidosis in 2 more places. I am officially a HIGH-RISK individual. I had to self-quarantine. Also my Future CEO’s school is closed. So I am home for the long ass haul.

It’s a blessing to be able to work from home while my Future CEO goes to school online. I consider us very, very, very, Blessed.

However this shhhhh is not easy. I find that I am just as exhausted as I was when I was commuting because I am trying to squeeze everything else into my day. Laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.

Then in the midst of this shift to pandemic mode, I am sick. The stress is sending me into a Sarcoidosis flare. My body cannot handle stress anymore and it wrecks havoc on my immune system. Last, but not least, throw in a horrible menstrual cycle due to my fibroids being back and me feeling like I am 3 months pregnant. I feel like I am in that video game “Punch Out” and someone is delivering body blows to me continuously.

My stomach is in knots. My throat is sore before bed and when I get up. I am literally drink a pot of homemade Starbucks Medicine Ball to stay sane. I am scared to take Ibuprofen, so I have been taking children’s Tylenol. Not the same. Not at all.

I am working from home to prove my worth as a remote worker, being a SuperMom, looking after the dogs, taking care of a puppy, cooking lunch, washing dishes, running laundry, cramping like someone took a screwdriver and plunged it into my ovaries, literally going to the bathroom 2x an hour between my nerves and my menstrual cycle, washing my hands obsessively, being angry at all the unnecessary clutter I now see in my beautiful home and most of all wearing Spanx that are cutting off my circulation now that my stomach is hard and expanding due to my fibroids.

I want to cry so bad, but I don’t have the time to cry during a pandemic. I gotta stay on my toes. I have to stay calm for my kid. If I am calm, the kid is calm. I have to parent through and push through. That’s all we can do.

but it is NOT easy.

So please cut the parents in you social community some f’ing slack. They are doing the best they can, with the best they have, the best they know how. This ain’t a cake walk. Most of us don’t have a nanny or generational wealth. Be kind and patience to others.

… And most of all be kind and patient to yourself.