Some people ain’t sh**

**Warning. I’m kinda hot as fish grease. This is a rant, a mantra to live by, a warning, and some advice for the naive. Cussing will ensue.**

Fam!!!!!! WHEN PEOPLE SHOW YOU WHO THEY REALLY ARE, please, please believe them the first time. I swear. It’s Monday and I’ve curved some bullshit before 0900hrs.
Since I’m here, let me just take it there and burn all the bridges this bright and serene Monday.

If you think a person is color-struck and their behavior has eluded to it, they are. If that is not of your core value, stay away from those toxic slugs masquerading as human beings. And stop sleeping with color-struck hoes or people who festishize you (unless you’re into that… ).

If you think a person doesn’t value you intellectually and you are tired of them not clapping when you win, chances are they don’t – let that chickenhead go, or be dragged in their ineptitude and filth. Don’t cast your pearls amongst swine.

If you think a person is really toxic and needs therapy, but won’t do any thing to improve themselves and they are depending on you to do emotional work through their issues, severe ties with them quietly or love them with a long handle spoon and save yourself. There is only one person going in your casket at the end of the gotdamn day. Don’t waste your precious time on earth with people who will drive you to the grave faster than the speed of light. Cut that dead weight.
People go through things, I acknowledge that and with my whole heart, I believe that. I’m a softy. I’m a humanist. … but…. but…. SOME PEOPLE AIN’T ABOUT SHIT. Some people ain’t about shit when it comes to YOU and they will constantly mistreat you, take advantage of you, or try and play you like you are stupid. Recognize who these antiheroes are in your life and keep it moving.

I will be 47 years old on Saturday and I promise you I have felt this way since I was 7 years old.

Okay, I’m going to put myself in the angry corner and I’m not coming out until my birthday.

Ms. about to put on some JDilla
and get my life

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  1. Baaaaybeeee it’s true anyhow. Some people ain’t shit.

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