You don’t always have to comment, but do observe.

Backstory: I absolutely loathe with all my heart, color-struck Black people and people of color / white people who perpetuate colorism. The only thing I loathe more are ignorant, uneducated or educated racist scum. In my heart, people of color and Black people who practice colorism are just white supremacists in Black and Brown face.

Now that you know how I feel, let me tell you why you don’t always have to comment but you should keep keen observation notes of color struck bastards in your social circle.

Growing up in Chicago, I am the child of parents who traveled North in the days of the Great Migration. My parents, my people are from the South. I am from the North. However when you are a dark-skin Black American woman, where you stand in respect to the f’ing Mason Dixon Line don’t matter. You are subject to racism and colorism from everyone. And it sucks salty balls.

All of the bullshit colorism and classism Black American people experienced in the South, they schlepped their dysfunction with them and brought it to the North. Colorism was already a keep component of racism in America and it’s been kept alive and well.

Colorism is rampant everywhere in the United States, Midwest, in Chicago and OMG, let me not even comment on that shit hole – Detroit.

I digress or do I?

So I have grown up with people who have been in my social circle for over 25 years who are actually vile pieces of shit that vehemently practice colorism. … And these are Black Americans, like me. They have even formed alliances with other racist and colorist Hispanics or Indians to further enjoy their sick persecution of Black Americans that don’t pass the paper bag test. Some are dark-skin like me and some are “yellow” as they call themselves. I refer to them as fair-complexion because I consider “yellow” to be a slur.

So for over 25+ years these vile bastards have been less than 6 degrees separated from my person.

Moving back to the States from the United Kingdom, I decided that I would no longer tolerated color stuck or ignorant racist scourges in my midst. I find them unnecessary and vile. So I thinned the herd. Then as I became a mother to a Biracial Black American, I realized how toxic, damaging, and dangerous color-struck Black people really are and I swore a vow to myself to keep my beautiful Black American child away from anyone that perpetuated colorism. So far, so good.

Yet today, I was tested. I go onto Facebook and a former alumni posted a picture of a dark-skin Black American woman who was overweight as a joke and an insult on a post. I was livid. I wanted to launch into a full scale intellectual attack and rip this piece of shit human being to shreds.

Then I heard a voice, my voice, saying… he is not worth the energy. He is doing what he always does. He hates dark-skin Black American people unless they have fiscal power over him. He hates Black American women darker than a paper bag. This guy is a white supremacists with melanin. Make note of his new found way to belittle Black women and move on. Then make note of all your “friends” who gleefully joke with him at the expense of women who look like you and then cut those ties. Protect your peace, protect your child, and protect your happiness.

And in a flash, I was done.

See racism and colorism won’t go away unless you eradicate humanity itself. Human beings are by design awful creatures. Truly. Lord of the Flies was foreshadowing, I think.

Anti-Blackness, anti-Black American sentiments, and anti-dark skin sentiments are GLOBAL. More so many white, Black American, other Blacks, and people of color hold anti-Blackness, anti-Black American sentiments, and anti-dark skin sentiments dear to their hearts. And it permeates every aspect of Black American life.

Yet you don’t always have to confront it, especially if confrontation leads to no restitution or correction of their behavior. Save your energy. Two words: F*** them.

My heart goes out to many Black Americans who constantly experience colorism and racism. These things are cancers to our lives. They weather our souls and minds from the inside out. May the Ancestors protect you, your family, your children, and most of all your PEACE.