I hope you find love.

I started writing this in my head to an ex- something. Then I realized perhaps I was writing this to myself. The lines are blurred in my heart and mind, so I cannot really tell. Enjoy.

I hope you meet someone that you’re passionate about. Someone that you crave. Someone that you will sit patiently with and listen to every facet of their life’s journey. I hope you meet that someone that will do the very same for you. They reciprocate all the same energy you give and give it back tenfold.

I hope you meet someone who smiles at you even when you aren’t looking at them. They’re just happy to be in your presence. I hope you meet someone that loves you for your soul, your essence — not your outward looks because those fade away. I hope you meet someone who will grow old with you and never cheat and never stray.

I hope you find a healthy, trust worthy, passionate, emotionally mature & stable, enduring, kind, fulfilling love.

I surely do.