On the 4 and on the 8…

On 09/01/2019, I was granted the opportunity to attend the NATIONAL BATTLE OF THE BANDS, in Houston, Texas. While my admittance was contingent upon sharing live social media posts and other posts after the event, this blog post is reflects my own opinions and thoughts. So – do read on.


I love music. I used to be a fab’ girl DJ. I bleed music, truly. I cannot live without it. So, it’s no wonder I love live music via college marching bands.

Full disclosure, I went to a PWI (Predominantly white institution), in downtown Chicago. I only learned about the swag of the HBCU (Historically Black College and Universities) bands through my few friends at Southern and my cousin who graduated from Grambling. Yet, I was so transfixed with the importance of the bands, the dancers, the band leaders, and the flag girls — they play such a pivotal role in the overall deep rooted culture of HBCUs.

National Battle of the Bands is a great place to connect with those Southern / HBCU roots and enjoy the fervor, talent and good spirits of the up-and-coming college musicians. Kudos to all the young adults taking the time to throw their heart and energy into making good music and entertaining the masses.

This year’s amazing school bands included:

  • Miles College
  • North Carolina Central University
  • Southern University
  • Talladega College
  • Texas Southern University
  • Florida A&M University
  • Prairie View A&M University
  • Tennessee University

Let me say that all of the schools were amazing and super talented. They all put on a marvelous performance. … but you know, I have favorites.

My favorite WAS (past tense) #PVAMU. In fact, I know a few people from PVeeeeeeeeeee, so now that I live in Houston it would have been absurd for me not to cheer for them.

I also cheered for Talladega College as well. I felt Talladega was well poised and very alluring with their song arrangements. I had never seen them perform before, so this was indeed a treat.

… but to me, in my bones…. the show stopper was #FAMU’s 100. My word! They brought the soul of an HBCU and then completely integrated the traditional sophistication, rigor and class of an old school marching band. It was absolutely sublime.

All in all, since my Future CEO is a bonafide Texan and now HBCUs are a part of our heritage — I will make the National Battle of the Bands a “must do” event when it comes to Houston.

Please enjoy some of my additional footage from the event!

For more information on NATIONAL BATTLE OF THE BANDS, visit: https://www.nationalbattleofthebands.com/