Tribe vs The Unbearable hell of having Fake Friends…

… don’t take your toxic, fake friends into 2020. Leave’ em in 2019. Forever, ever.

I don’t know why I have this stuck in my “craw”. I guess I want to protect Black American women. That means protecting wonderful, kind, generous Black women from some women who share our culture and color, but who also are devoid of substance and reciprocating kindness.

It is truly a curse to be in the cycle, in a circle or even in the damn perimeter of fake friendships & faux-sisterhood. Feels like being in a web, sensing danger but not being able to clap eyes on the mutant spider coming to devour your soul.

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Looking back in time, there were many instances where I exalted, adored and proclaimed people to be my friends only to learn that they didn’t care about me. I suffered a deep but powerful hurt. It made me value authenticity. It made me value the magic I held inside of myself. It made me value real friendships that required growth, disappointments, acceptances, compromises and friends who reciprocated positive vibes.

So dear hearts out there if you feel any intimidation with the crew you are in, if you feel a void there — protect yourself, leave and forge ahead on your journey.

Real #TRIBE / real friends will eventually find you. You will find them too! Life will be so much better than holding on to a plethora of fake ass friends.

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