Do no harm…

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There are people in this world whose very presence ignites fear, insecurity and sadness in our soul. We must avoid them AT ALL COST. it doesn’t matter if they’re our family, long time friends, or a person to which we held in high esteem… if they are an affront to your PEACE, JOY, and HAPPINESS — LET THEM GO.

Go where you are celebrate, not where you are tolerated.

So often we put ourselves in the company of people who “kinda like” us. They do not clap when we win, they do not value our talents, we are simply cogs in their wheel house. There is no reciprocity. There is no synergy.

When you identify these people, rearrange our support village to omit them.

We deserve to be around those who want to see us win, those who want us to grow and be loved. We deserve to be around people who make our soul smile. We deserve to walk along our life’s journey with those who adore us and who champion us.

So stop.

Stop engaging with people who KINDA like you. Save room in your life for only those who love you.

Do no harm to yourself, let all those toxic people go!!!